Thursday, March 18, 2010

Signs of Cat Illness

The initial indication that your pet cat is unwell is a change in its usual behavior patterns. For example, an active cat becomes inactive and is noted to be sleeping more and refuses to eat. Note also changes in the cat's physical appearance and movements. If the stealth-like movements of your cat be com clumsy or awkward then your cat might be unwell.

Look for the following signs of illness in a cat"

- unusual behavior (inactivity and reclusion)
- loss of appetite
- weight loss
- excessive grooming
- excessive drinking of water
- regurgitation of food
- difficulty in breathing
- loose stools
- cloudy eyes
- awkward movement
- poor balance
- excessive vocalization

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cat Litter Tray and Litter Boxes

A  cat litter tray is an indoor toilet for your cat.  It acts a replacement for the place where the cat would usually perform these functions outdoors.  An outcoor cat would toilet in loose soil or leaf litter and would cover up its wastes.  For practical, health and feline privacy reasons,  covered litter trays are best.

There are many litter materials available, the best is the one a cat willingly uses.  materials range form economic wood and paper chips to expensive dolomite varieties - based on usage, the best may be the fine, granular "clumping litter".  This material is also easy to clean, as the results of a cat's toilelting are absorbed, clumped and easily isolated from the whole tray.

To encourage a new kittern ot use its litter tray, it is a good idea to place a kitten that is just waking up directly into the tray.  Instinct will often take over as it moves its paws around the litter material.. Once your kitten has used a tray once, it will instinctively try to "over-mark" its own toilet scents.

It is wise to change litter material on a daily basis but young kittens will not usually produce large amounts of urine and feces so you can clean the trays after a few days.

Cats are very clean animas.  to maintain an adult cat in good health, it is important that its litter train is always kept clean.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dried Cat Food

The development of "complete" cat food has changed the way cat owners feed their pet cats.  Here are the disadvantages and advantages of dried cat foods.


- storage life and weight-t0-cost ratio are comparable with that of canned and semi-moist foods

- valuable vitamins and minerals are stabilized

- contents do not deteriorate as quickly as with tinned or fresh food

-food can left in the bowl for the cat to eat as and when it requires.

-crisp texture can help to keep the cat's feet from plaque.

-quantities can be accurately measured out with no left-overs in the fridge.


- it is a predictable diet and the cat may become bored with it.

- additives and taste enhancers have to be added to make it more attractive and interesting to cats

- cats will need access to more water and will then have to urinate more.